Patient Education

Patient Education


Patient information leaflets (PIL) are designed to reduce the 'information asymmetry 'that is pervasive in healthcare delivery systems the world over. Patient information leaflets are leaflets containing specific information about your heart condition,  choices of  treatment, outcomes , problems related to the heart condition and some complications that may arise as an outcome of treatment. The PIL is compiled by our specialists in the field, quoting established knowledge , results and scientific research the world over.Survey findings tell us that patients want more information than they currently receive and that they value the PIL which comes with information about the procedure, more highly than any other source of information except the doctors advise . The statutory PIL is both available and authoritative and for many patients this is the only written information they will have about the medicines which they are taking and the procedure they have been advised to undergo.

Good information helps patients to participate fully in concordant decision-making about surgeries and outcomes , prescribed for, or recommended to them, by Destination Heart. Self-care relies heavily on patients having sufficient high quality information on which to base their decision-making. Many a times a professional interaction between the patient and a healthcare professional may be limited and many question and doubts are left unanswered.The idea is to unpack the complexity that comes with trying to understand your heart condition and the therapies that exist. It is not uncommon for patients and relatives to scour for information and consult multiple experts in the field. The general consequence of these actions leave many facts missed,unexplained and you highly confused at times.  This compiled resource is intended to arm you with relevant information, that could make you an informed individual who could then engage with the physician on specifics of the recommended treatment.

Our initiative is useful in the sense it empowers our patients to be informed, make wise decisions based on ethical choices we make for them and be fully armed to cope with a stressful and probably one of the most important decisions they make for themselves or their loved ones.The idea of not having physical copies available is in the interest of the environment and not wasting paper. We at Destination Heart, are very conscientious and believe in the amplified use of technology and automation in medicine, thereby attain a paperless service, that is accurate with data recovery and reduces errors in healthcare delivery, markedly.

We encourage you to give us your feedback on the experience so we could make it better.

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