Heart Transplant

What Is Heart Transplant Surgery ?

Doctors will first try to manageheart failure through medications or electrical devices. However, when the heart failure becomes severe, the patient might need a new heart or alternative treatment. Heart transplant surgery is the process of replacing a diseased heart with a healthy donor heart.

Heart transplant surgery: Why choose us ?

For patients with end-stage heart failure, a heart transplant procedure offers hope for a long life. When you turn to our heart transplant service , you are choosing one of the top heart transplant centre in the region. Features of our care include:

  • Experience: Our transplant clinic has surgeons, doctors and staff who have high level of experience in heart and lung transplants.
  • Wide range of patients: Our patients range in age and have almost every type of severe heart condition. Our team has more than a decade and a half of experience in treating a whole array of congenital and acquired heart conditions, requiring surgical intervention , with caring, compassion and great outcomes.

Support: We are here to provide you and your family with all the support and education you need during this life-changing journey and there after, in form of post-transplant rehabilitation.

Recovery:Your care doesn't end after your surgery. We will monitor you closely and follow up with you as you adjust to life with your new heart

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